Policy aims

Ecotourism is at the heart of our business, so our programs mainly include eco-friendly accommodation, responsible attitude towards nature, green mobility and healthy local cuisine.

Economic responsibility

All of our partners who we work with on trips or through our office and Internet business have their base in the countries to which we travel. We mostly work with smaller local businesses / families with which we want to establish a long-term cooperation, without intermediaries.

Often we come with our guests before and after the tourist season and thus lengthen the season and increase the stability of the business operators and guides with whom we cooperate.

Most of our packages are on half board basis. This means that breakfast and dinner are usually served at the hotel. If possible, we arrange at least some of the meals in local restaurants outside the hotel in the desire to support the local economy. At the same time, we encourage the purchase of souvenirs and other goods directly from local producers and craftsmen.

We contribute directly to many community projects in the region of Slovenian Alps and have established a long term cooperation with the local kindergarten in our village, so it can successfully realise their sports/outdoor projects.


Environmental responsibility

Most of our paperwork is handled electronically. All the communication with our clients and partners is send via
e-mail rather than printed on paper. We limited printed paper brochures only to B2B communication (fairs), all other communication with our individual clients is via Internet.

Re-use policy: We encourage all our clients to leave printed travel information (road books, maps) at the end of their trip for the next guests in order to minimise the amount of printing material wherever possible.

Leave no trace philosophy: Since most of our programs are based on the visits of protected areas, we promote activities such as walking and cycling on the designated areas. We pay special attention that we do not disturb the animals and plants of the most important habitats (e.g. special birds nests on Skadar Lake in Montenegro, the area of Capercaillie in Slovenia, habitats of protected plants…).

On our tours, we of course do not pick flowers. If we can, we reduce noise where that is important. We are particularly happy if our groups do not leave any trace of ever being there.

At some destinations in SE Europe waste management is still a problem. We encourage our suppliers and guides to minimise plastic waste in all areas and we normally even pick up trash on our tours. From the mountains we carry all the trash to the valley and we deposit it only in places where sorting and recycling of waste is possible.

On tours, we drink fresh water mostly from streams and springs and we encourage our clients to re-fill their bottles there.

Most of our staff are mountain and walking guides, biologists, botanists, master divers and members of mountain rescue teams etc. We transfer the excellent knowledge of our guides to our guests, so that they learn in depth about the traditions, culture and natural resources of the region.

Social responsibility

Our groups are guided by experienced and well-trained guides who know the area perfectly. We explore special natural features and cities with rich cultural heritage (UNESCO sites, for example.) with an additional local guide, who is usually a specialist and can present the location in more detail. This gives our guests a unique insight into each destination and with us they travel and think like the locals.

For our individual guests, there is always pre-trip information available on each destination. If possible, we like to include on the arrival day a meeting with the local guide, the representative of our agency, who explains all the details of travel and other local specialties. For this, our guests are usually particularly grateful.

We always include in our trips visits of local providers, which in our opinion, stand out. Thus we visit local ham drying facility in Montenegro, wineries in Dalmatia and Istria (Croatia), a herbalist in Slovenia, where we make our own tea… This way the local providers can also make their income. We pay for their demonstration and guests can buy their products directly from them.

We volunteer or our guides organise initiatives such as cleaning trash, dumped in nature (like underwater cleaning of river Ljubljanica in Slovenia). We are also regular participant in clean up events in Slovenian mountains and cleaning campaigns along the Croatian coast.